Kids' activity booking made simple

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Features to help create more buzz around your business

  • Create a listing with a sleek profile page telling customers what you offer.
  • Market your brand to increase customer awareness.
  • Quick class setup and simple organiser dashboard.
  • User friendly, one touch booking, for your customers.
  • Secure upfront payments, supported by Stripe.
  • Manage your bookings easily so no more invoices or chasing.
  • Less admin, so more time for you.
  • Flexible class options. Setup multiple termly or one-off drop-in sessions.
  • Set up online classes.
  • Waiting lists so you never miss a potential customer.
  • Automatic notifications of bookings and cancellations.
  • Flexible fee options.
  • Flexible refund options.

Become an organiser

Adds to end of your name. e.g. BuzzyTots - London
This email will be shown to parents to contact you for support

No contract. No monthly fee.

No contract
No monthly fee

One-off launch price

For a limited time only we are offering a discounted application fee for you and your customers. This is applied to each booking. Fees can be absorbed within your booking price or passed on to the customer. You decide.


per booking

For example, if you decide to absorb the fees and the booking is worth £10, our application fee would be £0.30 and you'd receive £9.70 OR the customer pays you £10 plus £0.30 fee on top.

*Fees do not include Stripe payment fee