Bongo Beats - Yorkshire
6 Months - 7 Years
(1 review)
Music making, story time, sleeping bunnies
Half an hour of musical fun with your little ones.
You will need some percussion instruments (can be homemade), some claves (wooden spoons, pegs, drum beaters) and a cuddly toy - preferable a bunny but not essential.

Some reviews
Tracey's classes have never let us down. We used to attend quite regularly when my daughter wasn't even walking. My daughter is nearly 3 now and we attend when we can and still have lots of fun. I couldn't recommend Bongo Beats highly enough!ย  Amy January 2017

love this group very welcoming tracy is lovely and even remembers all the kids names no matter how many
all 3 have mine have loved bongo beats.ย  Laura January 2020


Bongo beats is amazing! Tracey is so lovely. My twins have loved going to classes since they were 6 months old. Theyโ€™ve loved the routine, being able to be noisy with instruments, dancing like no ones watching and the bunny song was their favourite. Weโ€™ve had Tracey do birthday parties for us which have been fabulous and stress free.
It was a sad time when my two went to school and could no longer go. They still ask is it Monday yet are we going to bongo beats. ๐Ÿ’—ย  Becky July 2020

This is so much more than a music class for babies and toddlers. It's magical! Tracey has a well stocked and well arranged class to keep the children entertained throughout the whole class. Instruments, singing, ribbons, bunnies, bubbles. It's a never ending supply of fun fun fun. My little girl loves it. โคย  Kelly August 2018

Me and Ava love going to bongo beats every Wednesday! Our weeks are never the same without it! Ava absolutely loves Tracey, Bongo and the music!ย  Emma August 2017
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