Jittabugs Peterlee And Durham - Durham
6 Months - 5 Years
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A music, movement & sensory class with a difference!

Not only are these class's fun but they are educational too, working on different themes each week. This is very important for child development, personal, social and emotional, communication, physical development, hand eye co-ordination, creative development and many more. 

Early learning is the key to your child's future and activities make the greatest difference at this stage, children learn through play.

Some of the benefits to Jittabugs Move and Groove classes are; 

- Improve Self-confidence
- Improve communication skills
- Encourage creativity
- Team Work
- Use of Imagination
- Develop Poise
- Improve Concentration
- Strengthens leg and back muscles aiding movement. Opens the hip and knees joints and keeps them flexible.
- Develops balance helping sitting, crawling and walking.
- Helps promote sleep.
- Facilitates positive play, learning, bonding and interaction with other people.
- An interest for music

Listening to mum or dad sing will often calm and relax a baby and may help the baby fall asleep. It makes no difference if you cannot sing in tune and it doesn't matter if you don't know all the words to a song .

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