Pips Pops Bakes
18 Months - 10 Years
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Fun, practical, creative and very messy! Exciting baking workshops for children and toddlers are held in and around Chester and North Wales.
I have baked with my own children since they were babies. I love being able to enjoy and share my passion with them. I enjoy seeing their skills improve each time we bake. And as a qualified teacher I have run numerous, very popular, cookery classes within schools. Cooking with children not only teaches them an important life skill, but also improves their creativity, numerical and mathematical knowledge, reading, motor skills, telling the time and resilience. 
Mini Pips Pops Bakers sessions are fun-filled baking workshops suitable for children over 4 years and are run during the school holidays. These hands-on classes allow your child to get creative in the kitchen. They will learn new techniques and skills within the kitchen and be encouraged to be creative with their own designs.

Toddlers and parents can have fun baking together in the Pips Pops Tots sessions suitable for children over 2 years. These super tasty sessions are held monthly at venues around Chester, with a different yummy bake each month. Get creative together, have fun, but leave the mess to me!
By the end of the session each child will have created their own scrumptious treat to take home and show off to the whole family....that's if they haven't all been eaten first!
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