Rested Mama - Wrexham/Chester
6 Months - 6 Years
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Hi, I'm Rhian, and I help exhausted families get more sleep. I'm a Mum of 2 young boys so I've experienced first hand how hard sleep deprivation is. I'm a gentle Sleep Coach and use holistic and evidence-based methods - no CIO or CC.  

Come along to one of my workshops to find out about the science of sleep, what normal infant sleep looks like, and to get bespoke advice for your situation.  Sessions are informal - we have mats on the floor, little ones can play (or feed, sleep etc!), and numbers are kept low (5 families per workshop max.) so that we have time to discuss everyone's sleep problems.  You'll receive a goody bag which includes handy fact-sheets as well as a worksheet for you to fill in on the day so you can remember what we discussed.  Hope to help you soon!
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